Domination Fitness features top-of-the-line equipment, truly a step above that of other fitness gyms in the region. Domination Fitness is the first private studio in Oregon that features Atlantis Strength equipment. Each piece was hand-selected for superior quality, durability, comfort, and because it is the most biomechanically efficient equipment available—all to ensure that the coaches have the very best for their training sessions.

Atlantis Equipment

For over 25 years Atlantis has been perfecting strength equipment—and only strength equipment—so that their products deliver the optimum workout for the most diverse range of body types. This means your clients will be comfortable while they train, motivating them to keep going. No one else in Oregon has this equipment. More and more collegiate and professional teams are outfitting their gyms with this equipment. In a few years, it will take over as the premier equipment for sports teams.

Atlantis takes pride in knowing they’ve produced durable pieces that deliver in any setting. They’re passionate in their belief that there is beauty in strength.

Excellent Quality – Atlantis’ long term clients regularly attest to the fact that the quality of Atlantis equipment is incomparable. The equipment is well-built and made to last. It’s not unusual to find clients with Atlantis equipment in good condition after more than 20 years of service.

Superior Biomechanics and Ergonomics – Designed by strength specialists who study biomechanics and ergonomics, Atlantis equipment is renowned for its comfort. From beginners to famous experts like Charles Poliquin, people who use Atlantis equipment love the solid, comfortable, and smooth feel of working out on these machines.

Strength Specialist – Atlantis has been passionate about strength since Raymond Sansoucy, an ex-Canadian Bodybuilding champion and international competitor, founded the company. Thirty years later, Atlantis is known worldwide as the strength equipment specialist.

Hoist Equipment

This unique Dual-Action Smith Machine allows the user to lift the weight on a tracking system, yet also allow the range of motion of free weights. The Dual Action technology simulates horizontal and vertical bar movement. The racking system provides 9 different positions for traditional smith machine exercises. With the starting weight of the bar at 52 lbs, there is no need to worry that a counter-balance system is doing all the work.